Definitions – UKFCG means the United Kingdom Facet Cutters Guild.

Organisation or Guild means the UKFCG.

UKFCG committee or committee is the governing body of the UKFCG comprising the duly elected officers and co-opted members.

 Member or members means an individual or individuals who have submitted an application form and paid the membership fee and been duly enrolled as members of the UKFCG on an annual basis.

Register of Members means the list of all members’ personal details and their sharing consents held by the Membership Secretary.

Membership Directory means the list of members personal details complied by the membership secretary and circulated to members who have opted to receive it.

Writing means a letter or e-mail.


  1. The Membership Secretary.
  • The Membership Secretary of The UKFCG shall compile a register of those persons who have been enrolled as members of the UKFCG having submitted a fully completed application form to the membership secretary and paid the subscription.
  • The register shall include details of those items of personal information the member has consented to being shared with other members of the UKFCG and those items of personal information which the member has not consented to being shared.
  • The register shall be held electronically with the computer file being password protected and in hard copy with the file being secured in locked storage.
  • The Membership secretary shall not share any of the items of personal information with any person or organization other than the UKFCG without the consent of the member concerned in writing.
  • The membership secretary shall not share those items of personal information where consent to share has not been given with anyone inside the organization, without the consent of the member concerned in writing.
  • The Membership secretary holds the personal data so that the members can be contacted about matters concerning the UKFCG and so that members can be sent the UKFCG Magazine.
  1. Personal Data held.
  • Personal Data collected includes Name, Address, Phone number, e-mail address, type of machine used, Level of experience, faceting interests and magazine format.
  1. Legal Basis for holding Personal Data.
  • By filling in the application form and paying the subscription members consent to their personal data being held and used as stated in this policy.
  • Members may change their consent to all or any item of personal data being shared at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary in writing with details of the required change.
  • The Membership Secretary shall then amend the Register of Members, the Membership Directory and hard copy files to reflect the change and re-issue an updated Membership directory to all Members who have opted to receive it, with instructions to destroy the earlier version by such means as will make it unreadable.
  1. Membership Directory
  • By being in receipt of the membership Directory the member agrees to the following as legally required:-
  • Not to share the personal details of any member(s), to any third party or organization other than another member of the UKFCG without the permission of the member(s) concerned in writing.
  • To destroy the previous membership Directory by such means as will make it unreadable when a new list is issued.
  • To keep the membership Directory secure.
    • If any member breaches the obligations detail in 4.1 above, the severity of the breach shall be considered by the UKFCG Committee.
    • The committee shall decide what action should be taken In respect of the breach, including expulsion of the member from the UKFCG.
  1. Membership renewal
  • Membership runs for 1 calender year after which time the member must renew their membership by submitting a completed membership re-newel form to the membership secretary and paying the subscription.
  • If a member has not renewed after 8 weeks of the New Year the membership Secretary shall contact them as a reminder.
  • If no response is received to the reminder, the membership secretary shall remove the member’s personal details from the register of Members and destroy the hard copy record by shredding. No further reminders shall be sent.
  • A new register of Members will be started for each year. The old register shall be deleted after 6 months of the New Year.
  1. Members Rights.
  • Members have a right to change their sharing permissions at any time (see 3.2 above)
  • Members have a right for their personal data not to be shared within the organisation if they have not given consent.
  • Members have a right not to have any of their personal data shared with third parties without their consent.
  • Members have right to complain if they believe that their personal data has been shared without their consent.
  • Members have the right to opt out of receiving the membership Directory by notifying the Membership Secretary of the opt out, in writing.
  1. Complaints
  • Any member who believes that their personal data has not been handled in accordance with this policy or has been shared without their consent should put details of the complaint in writing to the Chairman of the UGKCG.
  • If the Chairman and UKFCG committee fail to resolve the complaint to the member’s satisfaction a complaint can be made to the Information Commissioners Office. Details can be obtained from the Website,