2019 Competition entrant Jim with Judge Tony

A recent UKFCG Competition

2019’s UKFCG Faceting Competitions once again produced a marvellous range of stones, many of which were of a high calibre and all, without exception were cut with pride.

The Guild runs two competitions per year; one, “The Regular”, for members who have not yet achieved their “Advanced Cutter” award and a more challenging competition for members who are already an “Advanced Cutter”, although this competition is “The Open”, since any member may enter it.

Regular Competition

This year’s competition was won by Aleksander Zunic with a creditable 98.71%. Simone Muelbayer came second and Jim Edmondson (pictured left, alongside judge Tony Burston) third.

Open Competition

This year’s competition was won by Jim Clark with a score of 99.48%. Frank Woodward came second and Ivan Williamson third.

Ivan’s whose latest competition entry has brought him to the level of Master Cutter.  Jim Clark’s efforts have pushed him to the level of Advanced Cutter.

The UKFCG congratulate them all and extend special thanks to all entrants for supporting our competitions. We would encourage any member who has nt yet qualified as Advanced Cutter to enter the Regular  Competition since they will find the comments from the judges a great help in improving their cutting skills.