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The United Kingdom Facet Cutters Guild (UKFCG) is a non profit unincorporated association, whose day to day management is by a committee staffed by volunteer members (listed in Stonechat). Policy matters are decided at general meetings of the UKFCG. We maintain a working capital all other income is used to further the guilds activities.

During the present pandemic the articles of association cannot be fully implemented and are due to be revised when a general meeting can be held. Until then a steering committee is managing the UKFCG


The UKFCG retains the copyright of all its publications and these may not be copied or reproduced without the guild’s permission.  The UKFCG publishes a newsletter, Stonechat, and as required other items.  By submitting an article the author allows the UKFCG free use of it now and in the future.  Copyright of contributions to the Stonechat remains with the author; and it is the responsibility of anyone who contributes to Stonechat to obtain permission for the use of any material content which is not theirs.

Exchange of newsletters and the free use of their content is arranged wherever possible with other organisations. A list of these is published in the Stonechat


The Stonechat is the official organ of the UKFCG; the opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the UKFCG or its committee but are those of the contributing or quoted authors.  Neither the committee nor the editor of Stonechat is responsible for liability arising from errors, omissions, or mistakes contained in Stonechat. Readers are warned to proceed cautiously with respect to any advice for which the UKFCG and or the editor do not warrant the accuracy.


Unless specified, all images used have been obtained under licence by the webmaster or are Guild material.


privacy policy

The UKFCG website only collects personal details for the purpose of processing membership applications, once a Membership Application/Renewal form has been received. The information is limited to the fields specified in the form and as such works in accordance with its Information (Data) Handling Policy. A copy of this document may be viewed here. Should you require clarification, please contact guild@ukfcg.org