Annual Competition Chairman Tony Burston 01761 471 5094


A copy of the UKFCG Competition Rules will be supplied to competitors, on request. A brief extract of these rules is given below. Advanced cutters are not eligible to compete in the Regular section.


The competition is in two sections; one for REGULAR cutters only, the second section is OPEN to any cutter.

The design selected for the REGULAR section is PC21.114 BRILLO by Mark Garetz , converted for 96 index.

The design for the OPEN section is QUEBEC CUSHION by Arya Akhavan

The REGULAR section will be judged in category Al of Appendix 1 of the Competition Rules, with a specified WIDTH of 8.0mm to 15.0mm, on integers, ± 0.1mm. The stone should be cut from any coloured natural or synthetic material (which must be identified when the stone is sent in) with an RI 1.54 and above. This section is for cutters who do not yet have an Advanced Cutter certificate.

The OPEN section will also be judged in category Al of Appendix 1 of the Competition rules. The stone should be cut from any coloured natural or synthetic material as specified on the attached sheet –PM 301 appendix 2. The Degree of Difficulty factor will be applied for the Open competition only.

WIDTH to be 8mm to 15mm. Any cutter may compete in this section.


  1. a) JUDGING. All stones will be judged by an AFLACA or UKFCG accredited judge. The judge’s decision on technical marking will be final. Procedural questions will be resolved by the chairman of the judging committee and his decision will be final. Each entrant will receive a critique of his/her stone together with the mark it achieved and where marks were lost. See also “Display” below.

The critique of the cut stones returned to the less experienced members should be of value to them and may help them decide which areas of their technique needs attention or improvement.

  1. b) EXCLUSIONS. No judge or any members of his immediate family may compete in any section of the competition of which he/she is the judge. Providing that there is no pecuniary reward involved, any officer of the Guild (chairman, secretary and treasurer) may compete on an equal footing with any other Guild member, which could involve winning a trophy and /or certificate, and have any such achievement published in Faceters
  1. c) DISPLAY. All the stones cut for the competition will be displayed during at least two shows of the year, to give other members an opportunity to view the stones. The Regular stones will be identified by code (unless a certificate has been awarded, in which case the stone will be identified by name) so that only the cutter will know which his /her stone is. This also applies to the newsletter report.

The cutter of the winning stone in the Regular section will be awarded a certificate. The members taking second and third place in the Regular section will also receive a certificate.

The winner of the OPEN section will receive a certificate and a plaque engraved to show the OPEN champions name, providing the quality is adequate, this is at the discretion of the competition committee. This plaque will be retained by the winner for nominally one year and be returned in time to be engraved for the following year.

The marks awarded by any entry will count towards assessment grading, unless otherwise indicated above. See Competition Rules.

  1. d) CHARGE. There is no charge for members in good standing. A nominal donation of £5.00 from UK non-members may be expected, to help cover costs. Foreign non-members may be expected to donate a larger sum to cover return postal costs.


The timetable is as follows:

  1. i) No written application to enter is required this year.
  2. ii) A copy of the competition rules will be sent out by the chairman of the judging committee (Tony Burston, see address elsewhere in this issue) if requested.

iii) Cut stones, protected in your own box, to be with the competition chairman by 30th. June 2019.

  1. iv) The stones will be returned to the competitors after the final display show. Nominally October 2019
  2. v) Competition stones will be returned to the competitor by regular first-class mail.
  3. vi) The Guild cannot be responsible for any losses in the mail system. A card or e-mail will be sent to the cutter acknowledging receipt of a competition stone.

Vii) Overseas competitors are advised, for Customs purposes, to give a nominal value and state that the item is an entry for a lapidary contest to be judged and returned to country of origin

Please enter, regardless of your level of experience. Experienced cutters will show support for the Guild and less experienced cutters may painlessly learn something from the experience.





WIDTH TO BE 8mm TO 15mm

GIRDLE THICKNESS TO BE 0.3mm +/- 0.1mm