Who we are  

The United Kingdom Facet Cutters Guild (UKFCG) is a group of around 130 people who have an interest in gemstones.
The majority of our members are active gem cutters but some maintain membership just because of their interest in gems and gemmology.  Our members come from all walks of life, some are gem dealers, jewellers and geologists and we also have joiners, engineers, toolmakers, doctors, osteopaths, process operators and administrative personnel.  Our ages range from people in their 90’s to people in their 20’s with one or two still at school.
Although we are a United Kingdom based organisation, we have members in the USA, Canada, Europe and the Far East.  We maintain reciprocal arrangements with guilds from abroad with a view to sharing and exchanging literature and entering each other’s competitions. 
Our objectives are to promote the art and craft of facet cutting and the study of materials and techniques relative to gemstones.  Also to encourage interaction and communication with other like-minded people world-wide.  This we do by

  • Providing assistance and mentoring to beginners by means of our mentoring scheme and training manual.
  • Operating a library from which members may borrow books about faceting and gemmology.
  • Disseminating information about aspects of gem design, faceting techniques, machinery and gemmology through our quarterly journal.
  • Attending gem shows throughout the UK, demonstrating the craft to the general public.
  • Operating a continuous assessment scheme whereby members may submit gems for constructive comment and marking by internationally qualified judges.
  • Organising two competitions per year, one ‘The Regular’, for members who have not yet achieved their ‘Advanced Cutter’ award and a more challenging competition for members who are already ‘Advanced Cutter’, although this competition is ‘The Open’, therefore any member may enter it.
  • Taking part in the bi-annual international faceters challenge run by the Australian Faceters Guild.