You can cut gems!

Most people admire gems but it never occurs to them that they could cut them. They assume it is a task for specialists and way beyond the capabilities of ordinary people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The processes are simple and the equipment is simple. It is quiet, mess-free and an ideal home-based activity for those who want a rewarding hobby. In addition you get the satisfaction of making something beautiful which everyone will admire plus a real sense of achievement. This website aims to give you all the information you need.

Here are some important first facts.
•Gemcutting is no more expensive or time consuming than woodturning, pottery or golf.
•There are about 142 natural gem materials, most can be faceted.
•There are about 4,500 faceted gem designs ranging from the simple to the complex.
•All of the gem designs are available in a database you can have on your computer.
•New designs are being created all the time. You could create new designs.
•You will only ever find a few of these cuts in jewellers shops.
•With experience you can cut a small, simple gem in about 4 hours
•There is an important role for the craft gemcutter.
•There is an international community of gemcutters on the Internet helping each other.
•You could become a Master Cutter.
•You could take part in International Gem Cutting Competitions.
•You could become a commercial gemcutter.
•You could build an amazing collection of valuable and highly desirable rare gems.
•The UK Facet Cutters'Guild exists to help you to learn and enjoy gemcutting.