Site What it does & why I like it.
General Sites of Interest  
The Image Images & info on gem species


Rather useful weight to size chart A wealth of jewellery and gem information under one host.
Trade Shop Good info on just about every species under the sun - RI & composition etc…
Gemmological Association Of Great Britain The UK's premier gem spotters
GemCad Home Page Design a stone or need a new design? Here's the software and how to do it.
Manchester Minerals A good supplier of all types of lapidary equipment
The Eclectic Lapidary Electronic magazine for Rock hounds and sometimes for facetors.
Suggested cutting angles for stones As the link says……..
Rock 'n' gem Shows Come to a Rock 'n' Gem Show and be fascinated by a whole range of natural stone
products from around the world.


Nice Ice A To Z of every thing you needed to know about Diamonds.
Plus hints and tips and a 'pay for' price guide. Also some stunning gems for sale for any one interested.
Polished and Rough Diamonds Says It all, just another site to trawl through - Fancy some Diamond rough?
for every need possible!
Tools, Machines & Stuff  
Eternal Tools UK based company specialising in supplies of Diamond and Tungsten Carbide drills,
laps and pastes etc. for lapidary, jewellers and horology.
Gem World Check out the rough and the 'Equipment' section for info on faceting machines
and every other bit of hardware you could think of. (And a few you couldn't!!!)
John Millers Gems and Lapidary PagesUseful stuff on gem species and an excellent 'how to' cutting gems section.

Pocket scales - we all need these at some stage.

The Facetron
The official Facetron Website by Jarvi!!

The Rock Peddler

Faceting Machines & more Faceting machines.
Excellent Site -- covers 4 different models
The Facet Shoppe Excellent 'getting started' in faceting section.
Also the download site for GemCad & Datavue manufacturer of the Omni series of machines in America
Ultra Tec UK Brad Amos's website
Ultra Tec Faceting MachinesThe home site of these famous machines.
Rough Materials By the Piece or by the Pound Check it out
Agateware Our very own Jim Finlaysons company. Please click on image to email him
Asia Gems Rough material, gem tools, packaging and more
TZ Gems Good site for larger quantities of rough at almost wholesale prices.
H. Bosch Gems African dealer of single pieces of hand selected material
Boris Kolodny All stages of jewellery and gem design, manufacture, gem cutting and stone setting are done on our premises. Model making in wax, gold or silver is an integral part of the manufacturing process and is done in house.
Opal Just what it says, good value rough direct from Aus.
The Facet Shoppe Rough list - I made my very first ever natural rough purchase here!!!
Russo & Co Rough stones.

Rock Peddler

He peddles rough rocks!!!