Gemcad for Windows

GemCad for Windows is a computer-aided design (CAD) program for faceted gemstones. It runs under Windows 95 or later on PC compatibles with screen resolution of at least 800 x 600. GemCad simulates a faceting machine and shows you accurate 3-D views of the stone. GemCad understands symmetry, so you typically have to “cut” only a fraction of the facets to get the full design. GemCad can follow paths of light rays through the stone to allow you to optimize a design to minimize light loss. The end product is an accurate faceting diagram that shows several views of the stone with accurate angles, indexes and dimensions. The program has three main purposes:
•Proof-cutting an existing diagram. Proof-cutting a design on the computer allows you to check the accuracy of the diagram and discover pitfalls before wasting valuable rough.

•Editing a diagram. You can take an existing diagram and modify it to optimize its optical performance for different materials. You can scale a diagram to make it fatter or skinnier to fit a certain piece of rough.

•Designing a stone from scratch. Advanced users can use GemCad to create new designs. GemCad frees the user from the tedious calculations required to determine angles.


The Render Expert is a professional software tool for generating photo realistic images from your 3D geometry for presentation and marketing purposes. The Render Expert program utilizes the best ray-tracing technology in the market, which allows you to generate images with shadows, highlights, textures and other high quality features.
The Render Expert can accept data from any 3D CAD system through neutral IGES, VDA , DXF and STL formats

(This software is currently free to download and will do the following as I have tested this)

1.Accept exported dfx files from Gemcad for Windows
2.Allow you to copy the finished rendered view and paste it to another program like photoshop so it can be saved as a jpeg or gif file
if you need help then contact me

The ‘Gemshape’™ ‘Facet Designer’
This program enables you to design a symmetrical stone and see its optical performance in various lighting environments.
The basic concept is to design the radial proportions of the stone, with arbitrary facet slopes. Once you achieve a pleasing design, you can change the facet slopes for best optical results.
The program is limited in that it assumes all facets in the same row are identical and evenly-spaced. It will not let you design odd-shaped stones or those with different facets in the same row – such as cushion, oval, pear and heart-shaped stones. However, such stones are generally designed for shape appeal, not optical performance.


BOG is a Windows-based program to assist the gem faceter in selecting optimal pavillion and crown angles, based on a series of user-specified criteria. These criteria include:
- Gem brightness
- Illumination response
- Tilt performance
- Sparkle
- Fire or dispersion

BOG also provides a "PlayPen" in which to experiment with different gem parameters and see their effect on optical performance. The PlayPen provides a user-friendly interface to the GemRay program, including interactive entry of parameters, storage and comparison of different results, and automatic evaluation of tilt performance